Ugarte Landscapes

Ugarte landscapes is a full-service landscaping company that offers a wide range of services such as landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

The company has been in business for over 10 years and has built a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable services to their clients. However, they faced a problem with their website which didn’t represent their expertise in the industry.


Ugarte Landscpaes

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About Ugartelandscapes

Ugartelandscapes is a trusted full-service landscaping company that has been providing high-quality and reliable services for over a decade. Their team of experienced professionals specializes in landscape design, installation, and maintenance, and their focus is on creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces for their clients.




We conducted research into the landscaping industry, competitor analysis, and the target audience of Ugartelandscapes. The research helped us understand the challenges faced by the company and the expectations of their customers.

Wireframe and Prototyping

Based on the research findings, we created wireframes and prototypes that reflected the company's services and values. We also ensured that the website was easy to navigate, with a clear hierarchy of information and engaging visuals.


Once the wireframes and prototypes were approved, we designed the website with a focus on simplicity, user-friendliness, and responsiveness. We used a color scheme that reflected the company's brand and showcased the company's expertise in landscaping.

Testing and Launch

Before launching the website, we conducted thorough testing to ensure that it was functional, fast, and easy to use. After receiving approval from the client, we launched the website, and the results were outstanding.


After the design was approved, we developed the website using WordPress CMS, ensuring that it was optimized for search engines and accessible to all devices. We also incorporated easy-to-use forms and contact details to help visitors get in touch with the company.

Simple Solution

We proposed to customize their website template, ensuring a user-friendly and responsive design that would showcase the full range of services provided by the company. The proposed solution included creating a clean, modern, and easy-to-use website that would attract and retain visitors, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more business to the company.

Problem Statement

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Find the Problem

Ugartelandscapes had an outdated website that didn't showcase their services and expertise in the landscaping industry. Their website was difficult to navigate and the design was not user-friendly. Visitors to the website were having trouble finding theinformation they needed, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Competitor Analysis

Ugartelandscapes faces stiff competition from other full-service landscaping companies such as BrightView, The Davey Tree Expert Company, and TruGreen. However, Ugartelandscapes differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a morepersonalized and sustainable approach to landscaping.

The company’s focus on eco- friendly practices and its team of experienced professionals sets it apart from other landscaping companies.



Achievement After design

Main factor that sets us apart competition allows deliver a specialist business consultancy service applies its ranging experience

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566/6, Bell Road, Society Area,
Clement Town, Dehradun, Bharu Wala Grant, Uttarakhand 248002

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